Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Page Complete: LLP Fellowship

“ The maker of a sentence launches out into the infinite and builds a road into Chaos and old Night, and is followed by those who hear him with something of wild, creative delight. " ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Already having started by joining the great nations of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and now Blogspot in every attempt to become a Hellequin of All trades. Not only to support the habit of writing that is my ultimate calling, but also pay it constant homage through ever art form & network I can possibly wrap my brain around. Even as Xbox LIVE hasn't survived without me putting my own personal tag on it, still much MUCH more to come. And It will hardly end there. Now that all is set in motion, further broadening my horizons and reaping the social rewards is key on this road to personal betterment & fulfillment. One good Blog deserves another! Thus, I'm now officially open to requests for videos, blogs, and graphics as well as opportunities to guest blog with other writers & those of my newly acquired fellowship, and to have guest blogs in return. Call it my ode to a fellowship united through our understanding of the power of art and words ... guest blogs, sponsorship commentary, the works!

To start, I've elected the following categories as foundations for all social networking Blogs & Projects to come, and as the official announcement that all I am and have at my disposal is now open for business to other writers & birds of my feather! And, yes, all free of any charge whatsoever apart from patience as per the wait-time. Why the no-financial-profit policy??? Because everything I use, from video footage, to photo art & music is all stock materials that I take no credit for, all rights reserved to licensed holders. I use and give credit where its due, as should we all. Still, as always I'll give it my best and take it as a credible learning experience and opportunity to hone my skills and make the most out of what tools I have to work with. Just contact me and I'll see what I can do. With all sincerity and humility for finding no closer thing to a place to call home than among you all, to this I say: “Let me feel you, carry you higher. Watch our words spread hope like fire. Secret crowds rise up and gather. Hear your voices sing back louder!”.

|| Fanvid Fanatics, UNITE! ||
I'm now officially open to requests on youtube! From book trailers to fan videos and musical montages. For your favorite couples or singled-out heartthrobs, love triangles, nemesis duos, fellowships, all-around fandoms & universes, just message me with the details and preferred theme songs and I'll work my magic specifically for YOU.

|| Lets Get LYRICAL! ||
Furthermore on my Youtube endeavors: Chances are you've heard of Tobuscus and his infamous youtube LITERALs. Well, now LLP brings you the LYRICALs. If you favor any of the songs utilized for any of the featured videos here on my channel, or have a specific song in mind that you'd like to put me to work on as a "Lyrical" Montage, post it here and I'll work my magic specifically for YOU.

|| Commence: Project LLP Fellowship! ||
Still, currently doing major renovations to my youtube, tumblr, twitter, facebook, and personal website ... so, stay tuned for updates and then some. Meantime, I'm not wasting anymore time on the subject of sponsoring & promoting for those who have already stuck around this long. As some of you may already notice, I have begun a few exclusive fellowships already on Youtube & Facebook. Both of which consist of those who I have bonded with on Twitter. “The Fellowship of the Pen” as one is coined, to promote a circle of writers that have made me feel the most at home I've ever felt in my life, has already been erected as a due-pedestal on which I place their facebooks & blogsites. On my Youtube Channels I also have begun something different, by which I promote other youtube accounts & book trailers, etc. Intending it to be a very interconnected network I now am advertising a permanent open-call here on my blogs to any whom wish to be promoted, pending only of course that the same can be done for me.

|| Rated PG for Personal GRAPHICS! ||
Now that I'm officially a web designer, however much an amateur who makes all her own templates and paintshop pro designs, I'm now officially open also to requests for any who would like the LLP touch to their own pages & profiles, etc. Many examples of my past projects can be found on my photobucket account: ... just message me and I'll see what I can do.

+ Contacts +

If you have made it this far without cringe or seizure, I must assure you that I am both honored and anxious to show due appreciation for your time and effort, via the following contacts. I'm just another intellectual who would wither and die without the opportunities for brainstorming, collaborating, collecting and vibing to music, creating art & music videos, laughing, reading, socializing, tweeting, video gaming, watching and collecting movies, writing, and more. By all means, feel free to snatch me up anytime the notion arises. I am always on the prowl for friendly minds similarly broad in imaginative variety and enthusiasm, so don't hesitate to accept the invitations. Below is a full compiled list of engines my network threads into, by which I can be contacted whichever way is easiest & most accessible to my viewers. So, No need to be shy. As always, feel free to drop me a line with your invites and propositions. Thanks!

Facebook =

Tumblr =

Youtube =

Graphics =

Twitter = @IntllectuaLeigh / @LLeighPrductns

IM/Email = /

Xbox LIVE = LL3igh.

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New Page Complete: The LLP Scrivenerium

“ Turn around and smell what you don't see. Close your eyes ... it is so clear. Here's the mirror, behind there is a screen ... on both ways you can get in. Don't think twice before you listen to your heart. Follow the trace for a new start. What you need and everything you'll feel is just a question of the deal. The path of excess leads to the tower of Wisdom. Try to think about it, that's the chance to live your life and discover what it is ... what's the gravity of love. Look around just people, can you hear their voice? Find the one who'll guide you to the limits of your choice. But if you're in the eye of storm, just think of the lonely dove. The experience of survival is the key ... To the gravity of love. “ – Enigma.

"I want to write." ... Like those before me, I've said it before and I'll say it again, because that's what I am. A Writer. Like everyone else wants to be? Heh. That may be so. Funny how the world always finds that a suitable reminder to slap any whom dare to utter words of aspiration attributed to greatness. Is it really supposed to dishearten us? The way I've witnessed, it seems merely that quintessential glove-to-cheek challenge that can only motivate the ones who refuse to be thwarted. The ones with the thickest of skulls ... the calling. You know ... that inner black-hole desire which threatens to collapse your chest and consume you for the worst if you never fulfill it.

What Makes Me A Writer, you wonder?
The fact that I can put words together in an even mildly literate fashion?
The love for reading fueled by an overactive imagination?
The need to discover truth even in fiction?
That thirst for righting our wrongs by living lives not our own?
That core longing to put myself on the creative map?
Or merely all of the above and the ability to make it work for me?

There really is no one-or-the-other way of answering or even looking at what makes me or any writer tick. The same for knowing for sure what sort of writer we'll become or be viewed as. For me, my calling threads into so much that its difficult to pinpoint the initial drive after so many years coming and many more to go. What leaps to mind would be the way my fondness for all creations birthed from the written word and insatiable mind never diminishes but continues to evolve; yet, as with all things, still requires that personal (and soul-shaking) seedling planted and left to either be nurtured or not. For me, that would be what some deem the quintessential teacher, the one that stands out from the legions of others that come and go before you are done with school (or vice-versa). The one that made the point to pull me aside from the rest of the class, look me in the eye, and tell me that whatever I should so choose to do with my life that I should seriously consider writing. Now here I am, and here I remain true to it all. From my die-hard loyalty to collectible inspiration from other writers via books and movies ... the lyrical and voiceless siren call of music that I find essential in vibing to when in creation mode … down to the Angelou-acclaimed agony that is bearing an untold story inside of you. I find it all the sort of motivation that's about as subtle as a gun. Can that not be deemed a calling?

With due respect to the power of the written word, I write for the comfort of story & character dynamics ... for all the above and then some. While any money earned in the future remains that fundamental perk that my children and children's children will thank you for, as per the here and now, I elect this Blog page as the truest testament surpassing any critic's review as to how deep the fruits of my labors run within me. By offering freely the essence of my scrivener soul, outside the realm of my beloved industry of fiction, and reaping from it ONLY what is has meant to others. Paying forward the knowledge I take in and exercise for myself, as comes from other writers and blogs , but most close-to-home (and highly recommended) ... the Elements of Fiction Writing self-help series, of which ignited the flame from whence all that is Lanie Leigh Productions was birthed. This page stands dedicated to all notes, personal takes and perspective on the lot of them, and always with due credit to that which could only be deemed the wind all birds of my feather could benefit from having beneath their wings. For, at the beginning of every day, my own motives both ulterior and ultimate remains thus:

“To see your world in a grain of sand, and make of it a gift unto the world ... such is a treasure the likes of which can be taken beyond the grave." – Lanie Leigh.

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