Monday, June 20, 2011

My Audition for Blogger Idol 2011

" Any fellow writer who knew me before I even had a Facebook could tell you, I didn't initially choose to start a Blog.  Rather the realm, itself, chose me and threw my ambitions into motion. Like those before me, I've said it before and I'll begin by saying it again, because it's what I am:  A Writer. " 

Like everyone else wants to be?
Perhaps.  But ...
"What makes me a Writer worthy of being a Blogger Idol"?

  • The need to discover truth even in fiction?
  • That thirst for righting wrongs through commentary?
  • That core longing to put myself on the creative map?
  • Or merely all of the above and the ability to make it work others and not just for me?

For me, its difficult even to narrow down the motivating factors with all the categories featured as the Header for my Blog;  each encompassing my fondness for all products of the written word and artistic mind, as tools essential to creative inspiration.  Like any writer, I care about:  Reaching an audience, Communicating my vision, and networking with others most at home with an art that is otherwise the most lonely of pursuits It took being told a Blog is a great way to achieve this & more.

I never really expected a big audience. It was hard enough and most time consuming just trying to figure out what exactly I had to offer, if anything at all. After reading a few dozen Blogs, all it seemed to take was the humility I felt among such minds to make me want to pay it forward immediately. I can safely say the rubber was put to the road for me with my Ode to Writers video tribute. With it I honestly felt I was giving back to the community that had welcomed and encouraged me the most. Yet, despite my jaw having landed somewhere in the center of the Earth, likely never to be recovered from all the feedback received since, I've all the humility to notice the experience speaks volumes as to what people seem to favor:  Imperfection. We all have to start somewhere, after all. 

Thus, I found my motive from whence my Blog made birth.  That I could use it to offer something if not everything I have to give during this period of my literary & social evolution.  The testament being the aim only to practice what I preach via the Show-&-Tell of the fiber of my mind and being, before raising even a penny of profit.  Figuring only then can I hope to be worth the merit of my following and target audiences. Meanwhile, staying true to the industry being the least-competitive pool anyone could dive into: that if others can benefit from what I offer and apply to my own style & strategy, then I can consider the experience worthwhile. The ultimate payment always found in the evidence of how much the fruits of ones labors have meant to others.



  1. You're a Blogger Idol. And a rockstar.


  2. Ty Cherie! That made auditioning completely worthwhile. I'll try to live up to that and get back on the blog-ball here soon. Promise! <333

  3. Interesting post. Learn something new everytime I visit a new blog. Blogstar Idol. Good luck. I am a new follower from Bookblogs (GFC). I would like to invite you to my blog for a visit and a follow when you have a moment. Hope you enjoy it there. I write book reviews and try to entertain people with stories about my crazy life. Donna

  4. Happy to contribute. Thanks so much for commenting and invitation, which I've thoroughly made use of. If you're interested in Blogger Idol for next year, here's the link:

  5. Oh, this passed me by, looks great too! How did you get on Lanie?

  6. I'm curious & wondering how everything went too, Lanie?

    I wish you well in your endeavors ~ always!

  7. Sorry for the delay in response all. And Well, to all those that are interested, I found out about it on twitter as is where we all mingle. lol Unfortunately I didn't make the cut, but I was just starting. Despite my blog being still newborn phase and in a current limbo due to IRL issues, I decided to audition anyway. That said, I definitely recommend next year to any who has walked the walk already in Blog land. You have a better chance than me! Lol