Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Page Complete: LLP Vidcrafting

" Forget all you know, or think you know … all that you require, is your Intuition.” – The High Nelwin from Ron Howard's “Willow”.

Due to the attentions I've received, beyond even my own expectations, as a result of my video crafting and YouTube channels, it has been requested of me to Blog about the entire process; likely in the hopes of passing the torch onto others. Honored as I am, and will always be for the notion, I've had much difficulty riddling out just how I could manage to sate such indulgences. In conclusion, I can only think to warn all whose curiosities and creative lusts have lead to my here-&-now. Quite simply put … if you came here expecting a walk-through guide “for dummies” or looking for trade secrets, I can safely tell you from experience that there are no such things. Anyone who tells you differently is basically full of shit.

Just like anyone with the underlying intentions of creating others in their own artistic image who are naive enough to think any art-form can be taught and learned “by-the-book”. You'll never find such know-it-all arrogance, selfish ambition, or deceitful abilities on my agenda; nor in any part of who I am. If only because I've discovered first-hand, via my unexpected successes, the more rewarding path to trot. Thus, all the more fulfilling if I could contribute to others that they might find it for themselves, as well. Sure as I've taught myself, I have full confidence that anyone who gives a damn and really wants to try their hand at Vidcrafting and YouTubing can do the same. For such hopes, this page will remain short and sweet. All that I can contribute on tips and solutions is as follows, starting with the above: what you truly need is your own inner eye, your own intuition, your own sixth sense for the overall picture and any supplies you might need … much like a painter requires only the picture in his mind of which he wishes to achieve, and all the paints, brushes, and palettes needed to manifest it.

Still, with that declarations I feel comes specific obligations on my part. Of course, the necessary reminder is to point out my own creations as an example, given they are not for any form of professional show-n-tell as far as copyrights and financial profits are concerned. Rather simply to bring my own original creations – specifically the literary – to the flesh, as much as accurately possible with available stock footage. Of which can be obtained predominantly on YouTube or any other place videos can be located by URL. In order to obtain the footage, however, you would need to convert it to a supported format such as WMV (though AVI tends to be more fail-proof, in all experience) as makes it easy to edit when downloaded to your hard-drive and imported to your software storyboard. Certain free-converter sites, such as Zamzar.com … and FreeFileConvert.com for larger video files … work wonders. No sign-ups, no hassles, just an email for the finished product link to be sent and you're good to go!

However, should you be more at the advantage than poor, deprived little me, and actually have footage of your own or the devices to acquire your own, then more the power to you! All you'd need after that is the easy-to-use software, at least for a start and chance to harness your editing skills. For starters, I can only think to recommend the software I began with as was recommended to me … that being Movie Maker, depending on the OS and computer you use. It is very simplified and thus allows you to focus mainly on your choreography where slicing & dicing footage, and arranging them in an order suitable to your vision along with music/audio if any. Currently, I've updated from Movie Maker and am now banking upon my newly purchased Sony Vegas HD Movie Studio Platinum software, instead, and so with all bias I would recommend the same once you've gotten the hang of starting off. The point being, it all rests with you from there … the choice and insight cannot be anyone's but your own, or its good for nothing.

Be you an aspiring Novelist seeking an affordable and personalized means of founding your own Book Trailers … or simply a loyal YouTuber venturing to broaden your horizons, even if to join the ranks of the celebrity Video Bloggers. Just here to show you that no matter your occupation, no matter your skill, this can be done … and for any entity and purpose your heart desires. Artistic galleries of the graphic arts … Audio/Visual tributes to Fan Fiction & popular Franchises … Odes to the lyrical and literary … Music Videos, Photographic and all manner of Video montages … anything goes, so long as you know where to take it and how.

All that remains now for me, is to show-&-prove by example is to utilize this page to house all reference blogs per all my videos made … by giving insight into the processes it took to create each individual video as a list of blogs to come, you can discern for yourself just what it takes, just what you can do, and just how broad your horizons will span. So, by all means, stay tuned and bear in mind: All messages, questions, replies, comments, and all that jazz are ALWAYS desired and heavily advised on the subject matter, if I can at all contribute more to specific interests and tactics. So, Ready-Set-GO! ^.^

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