Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Page Complete: REEL Reviews

" And just what makes me fit to be a critic, you ask? Just where do I get the gall to think I'm credible enough to cast such judgment? "

Given my love for the movie industry and having spent thousands over the years on ownership alone, an obsessive hobby of mine since … well … since I was a fetus practically! I've finally got the means and the confidence enough to render myself unable to fend off my urge for personal commentary and critiques any longer.

Sure, maybe I've got the same gall that all critics have, when the lot of them have never swam the full Olympic league in the pool before wagging their tongues off about the temperature of the water. But what makes me credible? The fact that the entire spectrum of movie making and all manner of fruits reaped from the written word is an extreme Art. One that only a true artist can take full advantage of, appreciate, and still know what the hell they're talking about. So, if you've come hither looking for the usual nothings-ever-good-enough pessimism or the desperate overreaches for wit and humor, all in the form of recyclable trash-talk … look elsewhere.

As just such an artist, aspiring and otherwise, it remains evident here with every issued link that I solely give insight on just what each movie brings to the table. Because I don't go to see a movie looking or demanding for something the creators haven't readily offered. Its their amusement park, I'm just in line for the ride. I go to their world with a readily open mind and come out on the other side with verdicts specific to what threads the journey has spun in my brain … and not whatever yarn I've spun from nothing before I even buckled my seatbelt.

I see, I think, I ponder, and consider from the universal perspective; whether the outlook from center stage, to the sidelines, behind the scenes, or between the lines. I'm there. And so I think and write like I am. Nothing more. Nothing less. Thus, without further gilding the Lily, here it is: my collection of critiques on what I've watched lately. And now including Video Game Reviews!

Note: If you don't like spoilers, here’s a clue:


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