Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome to Lanie Leigh Productions!

The new official video introduction to my social media network. A New Year. A New Look. The premier of which, set to jump-start the new and improved LLP network. Complete with hostess quotes and a wide array of visual themes, foreshadowing future broadcasts and all that is "The IntellectuaLeigh Experience".

Dedicated to the community of various artists, writers, and media professionals as featured and promoted throughout, for having given me the warmest of welcomes into their midst. For more behind the scenes information, please refer to the official network web site: and "Like" us @

Full inspiration and tribute paid to those behind featured footage, as follows:

Supporting footage courtesy of: "Carnival of Rust" by Poets of the Fall, The Neverending Story, and various inspirational landscapes found on YouTube. Graphic footage courtesy of One True Media.

Audio sources courtesy of: "Walled In" by David Kristian. Otherwise audio attributed to original footage used.

All strictly utilized for non-profit literary inspiration. No claims made on any of the individual resource materials, aforementioned.

No copyright infringement intended.

All rights reserved.

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