Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Page Complete: Rants N Raves

” As ignorance and her squalid brood spew a universal dearth of intellect, total abstinence from literacy and logic is very generally practiced. " -- Colin Goodykoontz

As was stated more plainly in 1833, and rings true even to date as truth alone can rise even from such ashes. To no acquired taste of those of my feather, it seems now more than ever, unfortunately, that ANY form of knowledge and insightful logic is avoided like the plague. Reflected and rejected as an unnecessary weight upon the human condition.
Perhaps understandable what with History, itself, showing the most intelligent to be the most depressed. From Einstein right down to the poor, the bullied , and the conspired-against of this day and age … and all whom walk the same long, red mile of likened sorts so dominating the charts of suicide risk, today. All leading remarkably to that logical yet absurd conclusion that Ignorance is Bliss. Still, allow this to stand testament that Intelligence and Intellect remain sacred as all else tarnished by the hollowed world at large, and most certainly as the only things besides our ethics that we may take beyond the grave.
I elect this as the foundation for all my perspective Blogs, from random topics to news & article commentary, controversies and conspiracies. All of which will all be compiled here as a series of links as these individual Blogs are birthed. Call it my ode to a burden exaggerated, yet still one to be tamed and used neither to persecute nor forsake the indisputable facts. But to shed so much needed light upon each subject and all concerned, if only to expose them for what they are and present themselves to be; not excluding even myself. I leave it only for the enlightened to decide what to do with it all. With all the infamous certainty and equal humility, requesting only this:
“ If any should take up my case, I require that they judge the best. ” Anne Boleyn.


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